An Anarchist’s Declaration by Jim Lawrence

I am not a silent poet

All governments will be disappeared
Being as useless as a spandex tea tray
Nation states will be deported, dragging their discredited boundaries with them
Armies, navies, air forces, cops and spies will become Buddhist monks
Money will be no longer relevant as we all work from love of creation

The laws of physics will seem to be suspended
As miracles that confound description
Turn the streets into blazing visions of shadows and fire

Widows will beat their carpets for gold dust
CEOs will throw themselves at the feet of Gina Lollabrigida
Helicopters will buzz overhead in Busby Berklee formations
Dropping leaflets for propaganda by ballet
Drag queens will be in charge of the economy, redistributing fabulousness
And donkey sanctuaries will become places of secular worship

Everyone will be a legend and deserve the honour of being legendary
Trees will finally be understood
The Great Work will sort everything out and…

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Anarcho-hippy fantasist, poetaster, psych-blues guitar strangler, co-author of Red Phone Box, a beautifully illustrated Urban Fantasy/New Weird story cycle ( I like tea.
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