Mithering Mancunian Misanthrope’s Break Out – ‘Ersatz GB’ by The Fall

It's a new Fall, it’s a new day of minatory and miserable rage against the knitting machines that spin out Smithy's jumpers.The Narky Northener has risen again. It's a…


the missus sings (brix redux) English folk music Cecil Sharpens his critical wits
incest insects (tell me if you've heard this one before)
synthesizer wind blows goes beep! frrrt! gzzzz!
Black Sabbath riffery arises like Neu! getting pissed off about all the closed-down post offices
Dick Dale keeps throwing his right hand in there but it sounds like winter in Withenshaw not a California dream of billowing surf death among the waves.
Thump-a-dum-dum 3 men in a dub in a bar-chord bonanza no Phil Manzanera here.

MES IS A DALEK, still mithering…

About misterdzhimbo

Anarcho-hippy fantasist, poetaster, psych-blues guitar strangler, co-author of Red Phone Box, a beautifully illustrated Urban Fantasy/New Weird story cycle ( I like tea.
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